From some of the many clients:

“My book spans several disciplines including environmental history, organismal biology, molecular genetics, and conservation. Judi Gibbs meticulously worked through all this information to compile a comprehensive index that adds an important component to the book. Her indexing skills are outstanding.”
—Peter Heywood, Professor of Biology, Department of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry, Brown University

“I'm going over the index as a whole and am marveling at your thoroughness. You've built a beautiful outline of the book, really.”
—Roger Hull, Senior Faculty Curator, Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Professor of Art History Emeritus, Willamette University

“Yes, all arrived. And my goodness! I'm still on the first page... this is amazing. Initially, I thought that just having an index would be a selling point and a useful tool for some readers. Now I'm hoping it's the first thing they look at! It is so thorough, and I really appreciate that, as both the author and as a reader. ”
—Thom Speidel, Author

“Thank you to Judi Gibbs for the index; what she did is the modern equivalent of the Middle Age copyist.”
—Gilles Sabourin, Author
Montreal, Quebec

“I'm enjoying reading through your index. Indexes in other books on my bookshelf are lean and not enticing like yours is.”
—Nick Licata, Seattle City Council Member, 1998 – 2015

“I've gotten multiple compliments for the index. It's far and away more useful than most other indexes that I use regularly.”
—David Jepsen, Author, Contested Boundaries
History Professor, Tacoma Community College

“I really appreciate your thoroughness and detailed work. It's a rare quality these days!”
—Preston Jones, PhD, John Brown University

“Wessex is a small press dedicated to reducing the high cost of a college education by offering world-class textbooks on a pay-what-you-think-it's-worth basis for online reading, and at very competitive prices for conventional printed books and PDF e-book downloads ( Wessex's success rests on a base of dedicated professionals in all aspects of the publishing process. Quite simply, Judi Gibbs is our indexer. World-class textbooks require great indexing, and Judi Gibbs is Wessex's choice for this critical responsibility. We couldn't be more happy with our selection.”
—Noel Capon, R.C. Kopf Professor of International Marketing, Columbia University School of Marketing

“I had to write an article of critical importance, and time was short. I gave Judi a disorganized compilation of material in a professionally embarrassing condition. She reorganized and rewrote the text, and she beat the deadline. She did a beautiful job of making each point clear to the audience. I feel almost guilty receiving the accolades that followed publication. This work was important to my group, and I'm thankful Judi worked the necessary magic. This is not the first time Judi had brought clarity and organization to an important document. I commend her work.
—Jim Hardman, JD, Attorney

“Our document included Ph.D. level work contributed by several engineering staff members. The staff members who wrote up the work had been hired for excellent technical expertise, not writing skills. The draft of the report was poorly organized and confusing. In addition, it had major inconsistencies that were an almost inevitable outcome of different people writing small sections in haphazard styles. On top of that, we were in the unenviable position of having an extremely tight deadline. Judi was able to detect the inconsistencies in technical content and ask the questions needed to eliminate them. She edited and rewrote the report so that it was quite clear, accurate, and readable, and she finished it within the required time frame. Thanks to her stellar writing and editing skills, the report passed the review of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. ”
—John Teachman, Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering

“Your creative insights made the article much more readable and interesting. I admire your ability to clarify expression and present it in a way that is both informative and interesting. My right brain is more dominant, and it has always led me away from left-brain order and logic. Your ability to understand and express truth was invaluable. I loved working with you. We made a great team!”
—Merilyn Ligget, MSN, ARNP, Article appeared in Journal of Psychosocial Nursing