Note: Within each section, books are arranged in reverse chronological order, although books by the same author are usually clustered together.


  • Dena’ina K’et’una Tanaina Plantlore: An Ethnobotany of the Dena’ina People of Southcentral Alaska, 5th edition, by Priscilla Russell Kari. University of Alaska Press, 2020.
  • Across the Shaman's River: John Muir, the Tlingit Stronghold, and the Opening of the North, by Daniel Henry. University of Alaska Press, 2017.
  • Yupik Transitions: Change and Survival at Bering Strait, 1900–1960, by Igor Krupnik and Michael Chlenov. University of Alaska Press, 2013.
  • On Time Delivery: The Dog Team Mail Carriers, by William S. Schneider, University of Alaska Press, 2012.


  • Creating Care: Art and Medicine in Hospitals, by Marlaine Figueroa Gray. Lexington Books, New York, 2022.
  • David Roberts: Artist and Traveler, by John Olbrantz. Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Willamette University, 2022.
  • Clifford Gleason: The Promise of Paint, by Roger Hull. Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Willamette University, 2020.
  • Lucinda Parker: Force Fields, by Roger Hull. Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Willamette University, 2019.
  • John R. Stahl: A Life in Art, by Roger Hull. Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Willamette University, 2019.
  • Endangered Species: Artists on the Front Line of Biodiversity, by Barbara C. Matilsky. Whatcom County Museum, 2018.
  • Second Buddha, by Rachel Seligman. Tang Teaching Museum at Skidmore College, 2018.
  • Khyentse Chenmo of Gongkar: A Revolutionary Artist of Tibet, by David Jackson. Rubin Museum: Art of the Himalayas, 2016.
  • Frank Stella Prints, by Richard H. Axsom. Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation/Madison Museum Of Contemporary Art, 2016.
  • Collecting Paradise: Buddhist Art of Kashmir and Its Legacies. Rubin Museum: Art of the Himalayas, 2014.


  • Capon's Marketing Essentials, by Noel Capon. Wessex Press, New York, 2017.
  • Capon's Marketing Framework, by Noel Capon. Wessex Press. 1st edition, 2009; 3rd edition, 2013; 4th edition, 2016; Asia edition, 2014.
  • Managing Marketing in the 21st Century, by Noel Capon. Wessex Press, 1st edition, 2007; 3rd edition, 2012; 4th edition, 2016.
  • Marketing for Latin American Managers in the 21st Century, by Noel Capon. Wessex Press, 2017.
  • Digital Marketing, by Jeremy Kagan. Wessex Press, 2018.
  • Human Resource Selection, by Robert D. Gatewood, Hubert S. Feild, and Murray R. Barrick. Wessex Press, 2018.
  • Principles of Business Forecasting, 2nd edition, by Keith Ord, Robert Fildes, and Nikolaos Kourentzes. Wessex Press, 2017.
  • Strategic Management Communication for Leaders, 4th edition, by Robyn Walker. Wessex Press, 2017.
  • Zero Resistance, by Harry Mills. Wessex Press, 2016.
  • Management Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations, by Gemmy Allen. Wessex Press, New York, 2016.
  • Essentials of Management, by Andrew DuBrin. Wessex Press, 2016.
  • Management Challenges for Tomorrow's Leaders, by Pamela S. Lewis, Stephen H. Goodman, Joseph Michlitsch, and Patricia M. Fandt. Wessex Press, 2016.
  • Fast Track Corporate Finance, by James Sagner. Wessex Press, 2016.
  • Fast-Track Management and Organizational Behavior, by James Sagner. Wessex Press, 2015.
  • Sales Management: Shaping Future Sales Leaders, by John F. Tanner, Jr., et al. Wessex Press, 2014.
  • Fundamentals of International Business, 2nd edition, by Michael Czinkota, et al. Wessex Press, 2009.
  • Top Management Teams: How to Be Effective Inside and Outside the Boardroom, by Anneloes M. L. Raes. Business Expert Press, 2011.


  • Economic Issues and Policy, by Jacqueline Murray Brux. Wessex Press, New York. 7th edition, 2018; 8th edition, 2022.


  • Applying the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning beyond the Individual Classroom, edited by Jennifer C. Friberg and Kathleen McKinney. Indiana University, 2019.
  • Gender in the Political Science Classroom, edited by Ekaterina M. Levintova and Alison Kathryn Staudinger. Indiana University, 2018.
  • Teaching the History of the English Language, edited by Colette Moore & Chris C. Palmer. Modern Language Association, 2018.
  • Approaches to Teaching Langland’s Piers Plowman, edited by Thomas A. Goodmann. Modern Language Association, 2018.
  • Approaches to Teaching the Works of Christine de Pizan, edited by Andrea Tarnowski. Modern Language Association, 2018.
  • Teaching Early Modern English Literature from the Archives, edited by Heidi Brayman Hackel and Ian Frederick Moulton. Modern Language Association, 2014.
  • Shaping Learning Systems Around the Globe. (Global Education Leaders' Program.) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 2013.
  • What Editors Want: An Author's Guide to Scientific Journal Publishing, by Philippa J. Benson & Susan C. Silver. University of Chicago Press, 2013.
  • Exclusion, Gender and Education: Case Studies from the Developing World, by Maureen A. Lewis & Marlaine E. Lockheed. Center for Global Development, 2007.
  • Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves, by Naomi Aldort. Book Publishers Network, 2006.

Human Rights/Civil Rights

  • The Anatomy of Organized Hate, by Lonnie Lusardo. Self-Published, Seattle, 2019.
  • Aboriginal and Visible Minority Librarians, edited by Deborah Lee and Mahalakshmi Kumaran. Rowman & Littlefield, 2014.
  • 50 Children: Rescue Mission into the Heart of Nazi Germany, by Steven Pressman. Harper Collins Publishers, 2014.

Labor History / Pacific Northwest/Alaska History

  • Alaska in the Progressive Age, by Thomas Alton. University of Alaska Press, 2019.
  • Injury Impoverished: Workplace Accidents, Capitalism, and Law in the Progressive Era, by Nate Holdren. Cambridge University Press, 2019.
     *Note: Philip Taft Award for the best book published in 2020 on labor and working-class history.
  • The Making of an Ecologist: My Career in Alaska Wildlife Management and Conservation, by David R. Klein (Author) and Karen Brewster (Editor). University of Alaska Press, 2019.
  • Water, Woods, & Prairies: Essays on the History of Washington’s Capital County, edited by Sandra A. Crowell. Thurston County Historic Commission, 2018.
  • Beyond the Rebel Girl: Women and the Industrial Workers of the World in the Pacific Northwest, 1905-1924, by Heather Mayer. Oregon State University Press, 2018.
  • Entangled: People and Ecological Change in Alaska’s Kachemak Bay, by Marilyn Sigman. University of Alaska Press, 2018.
  • Contested Boundaries: A New Pacific Northwest History, by David J. Jepsen and David J. Norberg. Wiley, 2017.
  • Melting the Ice Curtain: The Extraordinary Story of Citizen Diplomacy on the Russia-Alaska Frontier, by David Ramseur. University of Alaska Press, 2017.
  • Critical Norths, edited by Sarah J. Ray and Kevin Maier. University of Alaska Press, 2017.
  • Seward's Folly, by Lee Farrow. University of Alaska Press, 2016.
  • Exploring and Mapping Alaska: The Russian America Era, 1741-1867, by Alexey Postnikov and Marvin Falk. University of Alaska Press, 2015.
  • Harnessed to the Pole: Sledge Dogs in Service to American Explorers of the Arctic, 1853–1909, by Sheila Nickerson. University of Alaska Press, 2014.
  • The Fires of Patriotism: Alaskans in the Days of the First World War, 1910–1920, by Preston Jones. University of Alaska Press, 2013.
  • Among Wolves, by Dr. Gordon Haber and Marybeth Holleman. University of Alaska Press, 2013.
  • On Time Delivery: The Dog Team Mail Carriers, by William S. Schneider. University of Alaska Press, 2012.
  • Boots, Bikes, and Bombers: Adventures of Alaska Conservationist Ginny Hill Wood, edited by Karen Brewster. University of Alaska Press, 2012.


  • Patent Ready, by Gregory T. Kavounas. Patent Introductions, Bellevue, WA, 2015.

Library and Information Science

  • The Medical Library Association Guide to Managing Health Care Libraries, 2nd edition, edited by Margaret Moylan Bandy and Rosalind Farnam Dudden, 2011.

Medical/Health Care

  • Breast Cancer: A History of Breast Cancer Treatment Told through Women’s Stories, by David Mastrianni, MD. Self-Published, Saratoga Springs, NY, 2019.
  • Where's My Book: A Guide for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Youth, by Linda Gromko, MD. Self-Published, Seattle, 2015.
  • Every Body's Guide to Everyday Pain, by Ya-Ling Liou. Return to Health Press, Seattle, 2015.
  • Western Institute of Nursing, Conference Proceedings, 2013.
  • Collaborative Indexing (Two indexers because of length & time constraints)

    • Phenotypes and Endophenotypes: Foundations for Genetic Studies of Nicotine Use and Dependence, National Cancer Institute Monograph 20, 2009.
    • Physical Assessment of the Newborn, 4th edition, by Ellen P. Tappero & Mary Ellen Honeyfield. NICU INK Book Publishers, 2009.
  • Color Atlas of Local and Systemic Signs of Cardiovascular Disease, by Franklin B. Saksena. Blackwell, Malden, MA, 2008.
  • Microbial Biotechnology: Fundamentals of Microbiology, 2nd edition, by Alexander N. Glazer & Hiroshi Nikaido. Cambridge University Press, 2007.
  • A Practical Guide to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Screening, Early Intervention, and Health Promotion, 2nd edition, by Alison Kahn and Heather Keesing. National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, 2013.
  • Genes, Development and Cancer: The Life and Work of Edward B. Lewis, Edited by Howard D. Lipshitz. Springer, 2004
  • Take Two Apples and Call Me in the Morning, by Judy Stone. Hara Publishing, 2003.
  • Johns Hopkins White Papers, 2007 - 2010

    • Colorectal cancer
    • Hypertension and Stroke
    • Coronary heart disease
    • Heart Attack Prevention
    • Lung Disorders
    • Digestive Disorders
    • Diabetes
    • Nutrition and Weight Control for Longevity
    • Vision
    • Back Pain


  • The Americanization of Zen Chanting, by Stephen Slottow. Pendragon Press, 2019.
  • Artificial Paradise: The Dark Side of the Beatles' Utopian Dream, by Kevin Courrier. Praeger Publishers, 2009.


  • Catastrophe or Democracy, by Thom Speidel. Self-Published, Seattle, 2015.

Social Sciences

  • Sociology, 12th edition, by Henry L. Tischler. Wessex Press, 2018.
  • Sociology, 12th edition, by Jon Shepard. Wessex Press, 2017.
  • Social Psychology, 12th edition, by Robert A. Baron and Nyla R. Branscombe. Allyn & Bacon, 2008.
  • Policing Gangs in America, by Charles M. Katz and Vincent J. Webb. Cambridge University Press, 2006.


See also Wiley Dummies Series
  • Material Value: More Sustainable, Less Wasteful Manufacturing of Everything from Cell Phones to Cleaning Products, by Julia Goldstein. Self-Published, Seattle, 2019.
  • Microsoft Office for the Older and Wiser, by Sean McManus. Wiley, 2010.
  • The Detonation Phenomenon, by John H. S. Lee. Cambridge University Press, New York, 2008.
  • Microsoft Speech Server Help Documentation, 2006.

Encyclopedias: Collaborative Indexing

(Multiple indexers because of length and time constraints.)
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Earth Sciences: Physics & Chemistry Volume
  • Encarta (Microsoft)
  • Modern Drama

Wiley Dummies Series

Indexed Through Potomac Indexing

  • Office 2010 for Dummies
  • Peachtree for Dummies
  • GIS for Dummies
  • Google SketchUp for Dummies
  • BlackBerry for Dummies
  • Network Access for Dummies
  • Cell Biology for Dummies
  • Snow Leopard for Dummies
  • T-Mobile G1 for Dummies
  • Dungeons & Dragons for Dummies
  • Canning for Dummies
  • Healthy Aging for Dummies
  • Fashion for Dummies
  • PCs for Dummies
  • Drupal for Dummies
  • Internet for Dummies
  • Sociology for Dummies
  • WordPress for Dummies
  • Simply Windows
  • Smashing Photoshop CS5
  • Modern Layout


  • Paradoxical Citizenship: Essays on Edward Said, edited by Sylvia Nagy-Zekmi. Lexington Books, 2008.